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Missed tonight’s GOP debate? Here’s another summary for you…



-Santorum bashes Bush’s $1 trillion, unpaid for, prescription drug program that he voted for (but says he won’t repeal it if he’s elected).

-Perry says he’s wouldn’t repeal the $1 trillion prescription drug program either (after trying to dodge the question).

-Paul says he didn’t vote for it, but he wouldn’t repeal the prescription drug act either…

-Note on #’s 1,2, & 3: That act was bigger, more expensive, and less paid for then Obama’s Healthcare Plan.. You know, the “big government, unconstitutional, socialist, atrocity” that they talk about repealing everyday…

-Bachmann basically just called Bush’s prescription drug act socialism… Does she know it wasn’t Obama who passed it? Somebody should tell her.

-Romney: “We need to stop the growth of the federal government and start the growth of the private sector”- Sure, because it’s CEO’s and corporations that are bankrupt, not the government…

-Huntsman said he wanted “to end corporate welfare” (Good job!). Then he talks about repealing “Obamacare” and the Dodd-Frank Wallstreet reform bill (Boo!).

-Perry mocks Obama’s stimulus bill (of which PERRY took more money than anyone else to balance the budgets in Texas).

-Perry said “we shouldn’t raise taxes to pay for programs nobody wants” (and by “nobody” he means wealthy conservatives who have money for healthcare).


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Unrelenting beacon of truth, you are, dude.

Everything Bachmann said just reminds me she seems to know very little about politics and just says everything she thinks the Male GOP members would want her to say. She reminds me of a Yes-Man or I suppose a Yes-Woman. Everyone seemed pretty stupid to me besides Paul seemed to be the one who made more sense than any of the others. Overall disappointing yet not surprising.

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